We human tend to assume stuff, or atleast, have a pre-idea of what it is all about. This is ultimately clear to me when i started off interviewing people, asking questions. Migrant workers, sex workers, NGOs, documentaries. We never asked about it because it is not something we want to see, so we shun it under the deepest darkest layer of our society and hope they will be gone and ignored.

Just to understand the depth of this situation is already complicated enough to do a research, How they’re deprived of health support, mental support. I talked to michelle, a transwoman who shared her side of the story with me. She told me her jobs, her troubles and support that was given. She gave me a very interesting point of view towards the issue, something we, never thought of because it just never occur to us. She bought up the maslow’s hierachy of needs and break it down to me. There is a different between functioning and living. She cleared my thoughts that, to really help these people, physical health support will just get them to function. They can be living hell everyday and want to die, but we just want to talk about physical health, not touching the mental side.

People should always see the story from all directions before judging, i once asked “what if a sex worker really needed the money? Say she is funding her sick parents? Working a minimum wage job is not an option” and what i got was “those are rare cases, those who are willing to work for sex are because they’re filthy and wanted to get dirty for money” Which i find it to be a very bizarre comments, how did we know that is true? Its as if the commenter visited the sex workers and knew them all their life.

To further show what i meant and to my friends who believe we should continue shunning those sex workers, have a watch, they’re humans too.

Today is also the day i presented my findings, but due to time constrain i believe, i couldn’t fully show my findings but i got a green light for it. Clinics is complex enough was the comment that was given to me, but sometimes i think i am perhaps a very program/system person. I tend to want to solve the whole system, to make sure it works and fully recover the person, rather than going into the details of it. Maybe that is why I can’t see the complexity of the project of a clinic.

When i visted CARAM to ask about the migrants workers, they seem to want this to occur very much, they kept asking if this is a real project and seem excited about it, but i must break their heart to tell them it is not. Perhaps one day, i can do something for it, get some GOVT fundings, NGO to work and a collaboration with some universities, to atleast provide the builders of our future a health standard that let them live with ease.


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