I was doing my research regarding community clinics, and i found that in Malaysia, klinik desa is refered to as community clinic, it is a clinic that serves its community but it provides no communal space, it is a building specifically dedicated to patients. It could actually just be any other clinic, but the word community means it should be able to let people relate to or utilize the space. ( has done some research on it)

Then i started to look online for more examples of clinics that are closer to what i believe a community clinic should be, wanarn medical clinic seem to be doing what i deem as a community clinic (

[The Clinic] double as a place where the aborginal community could meet and socialize “on their way to the shop or whilst hunting rabbit”

This seem very appropriate as the clinic has another meaning to it, a communal space for the community. It seem to me that we have made clinic a scary place to be, people entering it is given a second look, worst if its something embarrassing.

I would have to check more on how a clinic actually functions and what are needed by the users that i intend to create for.


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