As i was reading on my research topics of immigrants and sex workers, youtube documentaries and al Jazeera have been great resources to give an surface insight of the issue.

But what really left me in awe was how we tend to not notice the ugly, how the ugly was covered up, hidden somewhere while only displaying the beauty. Great, this is usually found in anything but when its done to our society, it felt wrong.

The immigrant documentaries showed me how we don’t notice their life, we kept thinking how we need better, but when we put ourselves in their shoe, they just wanted the basic. Everyday its how to earn, how to avoid the cops, while we, sit on our chair, enjoying the air condition thinking about making money. I was especially shocked when i saw that the UNHCR was so close to my house yet i never knew it existed. The centre that determine the refugee status of the immigrants, might actually be the only way for them to stay slightly safer here.

But i do understand that i should stay relevant to my site, hence i’ve chosen community clinic as my topic. I must say, when it comes to sex workers, i’ve always felt uncomfortable when its a transexual, but after the documentary view, and look into their life, I felt i knew more, they have their own challenge and socially, they are rejected, they are left broken down.

So much more to understand and look.

Bonus Vids if you’re reading


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