I must admit I am one who like asking alot of question, it could be thoughtful, bizarre, or just plain dumb questions. There’s time that i just couldn’t understand the thing behind it, hence i start questioning the logic, the reason, the yes, the no, so please take my questioning as a discussion rather than trying to win the conversation.

When looking at matters, sometimes its all about balance, actually most of the time it is about balance. We cannot strive a constant for anything as changes kept occuring in our lives. There comes the question of needs and wants. Just to put it out there, i believe to improve, you cannot stay at the needs. If one has all they need, why do they desire to improve their condition? This only occurs when wants come into play, people started to ask for comfort, ask for more, but is this wrong? It seem wrong, the society made it sounds wrong to ask for more, but it is exactly what the society is doing. We want more money so we live a better life, what is a better life? better house? better car? Why? Also, is this wrong? Aren’t this desire of wanting better brings us into the future? Isn’t that what created the phones, computers that we all enjoy now? I still believe what once vincent told me, we must always find balance in designing, too much of something might not be the right choice.

I’m very inclined in designing for the poor people, infact i’m very interested in the topic of sex workers and immigrants, all the why and what and things kept flooding my mind. My lecturer told me to do a parody of it, it sounds very interesting, to display the dirty and ugly out, blurt it out to the face of the users, to create awareness that prostitution is not a right thing. I think we all knew it is not a right thing to do, we were taught so when we were young. Yet still many people visit brothels to get a sexual fix, this problem has been there since the earliest of civilization. Why is this so? I need to find out, but isn’t it an animal instinct? Basic human needs, food, shelter, sex? Altho i don’t agree with providing services such as prostitution, the biggest question is, how can i bring out the ugliness of it to the public? Is this even a right architecture move for my thesis?


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