One thing that intrigued me is what and how do we define a community, especially for a site such as Bukit Ceylon, which have been highly gentrified. We have a huge community of immigrants working for the local shop owners that doesn’t live there for the constantly changing tourist.

We once used to be immigrants to this land, to develop it, we were imported, and after many years, we settled down and call ourself malaysian. Can this be what is happening in Bukit Ceylon? Due to the development of Bukit Ceylon, the need to feed the tourist crowd, we hired cheap labours to do our work, but this never happened in other countries such as France or Japan. Even touristy areas are attended by local people, why is it so different here?

The immigrant community is so obvious that they even have mini stores and facilities run by the immigrants dedicated to the immigrants. We might not see how this affect us, but to the tourist who lived in Bukit Bintang, they might actually think the Myanmar or Bangladesh immigrants are what make up of Malaysia, our image, taken over by the immigrant, is this what we want?



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